Delicious Homemade Dog Food Recipes

You will find many delicious homemade dog food recipes to try. Your pet will become healthier, and you will feel good knowing exactly what the foods you eat contain. You will also like that this process is cheaper than buying groceries at the supermarket.

The main reason to consider homemade dog food recipes is to make sure your pet is as healthy as possible. When you buy packaged dog food, you do not always know what you will get. Many of them contain fillers that your pet does not need in their diet. They can also be difficult for your dog to digest, and that may mean that they feel uncomfortable after each meal.

Many people began looking seriously for homemade dog food recipes after some of these animals became sick. They had consumed branded foods for dogs that had contaminated ingredients. Many of these animals became seriously ill, and others died, although there was a massive memory of the food. As a result, many owners realized these problems. The solution is to follow the homemade dog food recipes.

People aren’t the only ones who suffer from food allergies. If your pet is often sick, you should discuss this with your veterinarian. It probably reacts to one or more of the ingredients in packaged dog foods. Your veterinarian can help you identify what they are. If you use homemade dog food recipes, you can be sure that none of them are taken while you eat.

Nowadays, most of us are interested in saving money, but we can do it anyway. The cost of dog food is ridiculous. If you have several pets or one with a big appetite, it can be a burden to feed them with high-quality food because of the cost. When you prepare homemade dog food recipes, you can be sure that they will get the quality food they need. However, you can do it at a much lower cost. You will discover that you do not need so much time to produce enough to feed them during the week.
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Dog Grooming Tips For Your Pet

Preparing your dog is an integral part of caring for your pet. Makes your dog not only look better but also feel better.

Essential shaving begins by cleaning the brush every day. This removes any dirt stuck between the hair and helped to spread the natural oils evenly throughout the coat. This prevents the hair from getting tangled and stops them from forming blocks. It also keeps the skin clean and in good condition.

If your dog does not enjoy brushing, you can train him slowly to enjoy the routine. Give him a treat and praise him at the end of each grooming session so that he starts like getting brushed.

Your dog’s nails require attention once a month. Get a good pair of scissors or scissors depending on how hard your nails are. As a precaution, keep a bottle of blood clotting powder at hand. While cutting your nails, start placing one of the dog’s paws in your hand and gently pull it toward you. Cut one pin at a time. Stop cutting only at the point where the curling of nails starts. If you accidentally cut the nerves or blood vessels, put some blood clotting powder on a piece of wet cotton and press it gently but firmly against the injured nail.

Some breeds of dogs have dewclaw, which is only inside of each front leg directly above the claw. If your dog has dewclaw, do not forget to cut off when you cut his nails.

Dogs are prone to ear infections, so it is necessary to clean their ears regularly. Check the dog’s ears twice a month. The skin must be inside the ears as well as on pale pink flaps. If you find any foul odor coming out of your ears, or any change in skin color, get a veterinarian to check your dog. Use a wet cotton swab wet with a little warm water or oil to clean the inside of the ears. Be careful not to clean the ear canal thoroughly.
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Crate Training Dogs

All new relatives need to know the standards of the house, particularly the four-legged individuals. Bringing home another little dog implies a great deal of diligent work will be sooner rather than later. In any case, training little guys have been continuing for such quite a while, to the point that many enhanced encouraging strategies have been produced. Crate training dogs are only one of the strategies created after some time by expert canine mentors.

Utilizing a puppy crate for housebreaking your new little guy begins off somewhat upsetting. This is on account of the young doggie won’t comprehend why he is being restricted to the crate. He will whimper and cry and perhaps even chomp on the pet hotel. In the end, this will pass and he will be more agreeable.

Ensure the crate has a delicate informal lodging of toys. It additionally should be sufficiently extensive for your young doggie to develop into without being confined. This will be his zone to remain in the middle of washroom breaks. After he’s been kenneled for around 60 minutes, take him outside and let him circled until the point when he does his business. Reward him with bunches of acclaim an enable him to run somewhat longer since he’s been in the crate for some time.

When you make sense of to what extent he can hold up in the middle of restroom needs, at that point you won’t need to let him out each hour. In the long run, he will discover that outside is the place to do his business and he won’t need to be kenneled for the vast majority of the day. Utilizing the crate during the evening is additionally useful in killing the event of evening time messes.
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Cat Care tips

Owning a pet is not all just fun and games. Cats are one of the most affectionate and loyal pets around. A lot of responsibility comes with taking home a new pet. Just like humans, house pets get sick and need lots of love and attention. Having a housecat is not the same as owning a dog, a rabbit or any other household pet, each has to be taken care of in a particular way, and each has its common ailments. There are many cat symptoms that every pet owner should be aware of to keep their feline in tip-top shape.

If you ever hear your cat making a funny noise, listen carefully, because your pet may have a cough. It may sound cute, but it should be taken seriously. A cough may lead to a fever, difficulty in breathing and discharge from both the cat’s eyes and nose. Anything from a collar that is too tight to asthma can cause a cat to cough. If a cough seems minor, it is okay to give it treatment at home. However, if your cat is having trouble breathing, is wheezing, has a loss of appetite and is visibly losing weight, a veterinarian should be consulted immediately. Coughs can be a sign of the following cat symptoms, heartworms, bronchitis and asthma.

Many say that cats are picky eaters. Being a choosy eater and being anorexic are two completely different things. When a pet refuses to chow down on its pet food it is usually a cause for concern, but more so when it comes to felines. Cats that do not eat can potentially cause liver damage. Some cat symptoms that can be a factor to the loss of appetite are illness, new surroundings, and recent vaccinations. Anytime that your cat completely refuses to eat should be a red flag. There are a few stimulants you can give to your cat to encourage it to eat, but it is always best to consult a veterinarian beforehand.
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If you are planning to add a bird to your family, you can easily become overwhelmed with decisions about what is best for your bird care. Here are 7 supplies that experienced bird owner’s recommend and have purchased for their birds.

Stainless Steel Cage – It won’t take much looking for you to discover that this type of cage is one of the most expensive out there. The saying that you get what you pay for does apply in this case. If properly maintained it will be the only cage you ever need to buy.

Stainless is easy to clean, and is not harmful to your bird should it lick or peck at it. Choosing a quality cage the first time saves you from having to buy a replacement when the first one wears out.

Double Dish Sets – Because keeping water and food dishes clean is so important to the health of your bird, washing them daily is essential. So while one set is in the dishwasher the other set can be in use so that your bird is always drinking and eating for clean bowls. To prevent dishes from absorbing or retaining food and/or germs, stainless is the best material for these as well.

Cuttlebone – This is a wonderful source of vitamins and minerals and will help your bird keep its beak in fine condition. Any place that sells bird supplies should have them in stock.

Variety of Toys – Toys should be bought with birds’ natural instincts in mind. There should be some that allow them to “forage” for food – hollow toys with food stuffed inside. Edible ones will be a big hit as well.

Toys with bells, mirrors, and swings will spark their curiosity and keep them engaged. This can help prevent the temptation for them to pluck their feathers and engage in other self-destructive behaviors due to boredom.

Select toys with lots of different colors. Visual stimulation is also important. Toys should be rotated in and out of the cage every week so that is seemingly always something new.

Play Area Outside The Cage – As important as the cage is to keep your bird safe when you can’t be there, an area outside the cage is even more important. This gives your bird choices and that’s a good thing and will help maintain emotional health. It can choose when and where it goes and what to explore.
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Puppy Care

Having a new puppy to take care of is certainly one of the more challenging things that pet owners have to do. There are a number of tasks that have to be completed day in and day out in order to keep your puppy happy and healthy.

1. Provide Attention

Your puppy will want to feed on the attention that you give him. After all, a dog is a man’s best friend, so he’ll start portraying that from the moment you bring him home. Make it a point to provide him with the attention that he needs. Doing so will help to make him more sociable with humans and will make him a friendlier dog overall.

2. Nutrition

When puppies are young they are in the critical growth stages of their lives which means that it’s important that they are properly fed and cared for from a nutrition standpoint. Be certain that the food you are providing your puppy is healthy and that he is getting the essential vitamins and minerals that are needed in order to promote strong and healthy growth.

3. Obedience Training

Another puppy care tip that is as equally important than the others is to train your puppy to perform or avoid certain things that will make him more obedient. If you plan on keeping your puppy in the house, you’ll want to train him to go outside when he has to go to the bathroom. Housebreaking is perhaps one of the first things that new puppy owners work on when they bring their new friend home. Other training activities might include teaching your puppy to sit, come, and stay, which are a few of the more simple commands that you can teach.
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Which Dogs Are Considered “Small Breed” Dogs?

While there are hundreds of small dog breeds out there, trying to pick just the right one for you and your family can be challenging. It might be surprising to know that there are actually hundreds of different kinds, but over time we have seemed to focus in on just a handful. Let us take a look at some of the most popular and determine if we can find a good match. Care should be taken while choosing a breed to be sure that the breed matches your own personality and temperament.


This breed originated from a larger breed; Pomeranians have retained a mellow outlook and gentle character. Very playful and active, they are good with children if raised with them from puppy-hood. They tend to bark a lot and will need daily grooming.


Some call them the smallest breed of dogs. Despite their small stature they tend to be aggressive toward other breeds. They show very little fear of breeds or species bigger than themselves and have a tendency for nipping children. On the other hand, Chihuahuas are very loyal and affectionate as they get to know you over time, but their aggressiveness should always be kept in mind. Being small, they require less exercise as compared to other breeds. Chihuahuas also get along quite well with cats.

Boston Terrier:

An ideal small dog for families, the Boston Terrier gets along very well with children and other animals. Their coats are easy to keep clean and manage. They are aggressive chewers.

Jack Russell Terrier:

A hyperactive breed, these terriers are not for lethargic owners because they are always chasing things and will frequently hop onto high furniture. Highly intelligent and active, they need good training to be disciplined enough for home life.
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Pet Care Tips to Keep Your Pets Healthy

Proper pet care is very important to ensure your pets live happy and healthy lives. A happy and healthy pet will enrich your life and give you peace of mind.

Here are top pet care tips to keep your pets healthy:

1. Feed your pets highly nutritious food

Make sure your pet has food that suits their nutritional needs. Desist from feeding your pets with table scraps as it can be harmful to them. Only feed your pet natural foods and give them responsible portions.

Avoid processed foods.

2. Give your pet a lot of affection and attention

Every pet – cats, dogs, rabbits, fish, and lizards require affection to thrive. Since they are social beings, ensure you set aside adequate
time to play with them so they get exercised and mentally stimulated.

3. Clean your pet and all of its enclosures

This will ensure your pet is healthy and happy. Be sure to clean your pet and it’s living space at least once every 2 weeks so as to Read more »


For pets, parrots are the right choice for people with small children at home and for those who have retired from active professional lives. Parrots can be a lot of fun to be with and are ideal companions of little children.

Parrots fill up your life with laughter and fun. Watch your parrots repeat your words in their own tones. It is simply hilarious! Be careful, though. See to it your parrots don’t tell your mother-in-law what you think of her!

Pet parrots can be trained to talk and perform amazing tricks. However, it is not easy to train parrots. They are intelligent, graceful and often moody birds. You can derive immense satisfaction to see your pet parrot repeating the words or the tricks they have just learned from you.

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Dog food

Homemade dog food can provide the healthiest and safest meals for your dog. You can find recipes online or by talking to your pet’s veterinarian. You should talk to their vet in any case before you start mixing up homemade dog food. They can aid you in preparing menus that will provide your dog with the food they love and ingredients they need.

Dogs love kidney and liver meats as well as turkey, chicken, and beef. Rice, pasta, potatoes and other carbohydrates are the tastiest for your pooch. Carrots, celery and any number of vegetables will work well in the homemade dog good you make for your pet. Just do not forget to have starches, meat, and veggies in every homemade dog food mix.

You can cook the meat you will use for the homemade dog food ahead of time. You can throw all the ingredients together into a food processor. The mixture of food can then be cooked for your dog.
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