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Dog first aid: tips for treating your dog emergencies | Asda Pet Insurance

Find out how to care for your dog from the Asda Money veterinary nurse whether its bleeding, been hit by a car or bloated. Find out more at: … source

Dog grooming tips

Chad badinas talks about dog grooming tips as special guest speaker in I LOVE MY DOG DAY event organized by Cebu North Dog Lovers Language: Cebunao … source

Pet Insurance Cover – Forget the rest stick with the market leader and stay truly happy. source

The Advantage Family: Dog Grooming Tips, Techniques, Tools, & Products for Beginners

Subscribe to The Advantage Family YouTube Channel for entertaining and informative dog and pet parent stories. Each video contains helpful pet care how-to … source

How to cut dog nails? | Argos Pet Insurance

How can I clip my dogs nails without stressing us both out? It is important to keep your dogs nails short is important in order to avoid damage to your dogs paws. source

How to Clean a Dog's Ears – expert dog grooming demonstration

Discovery how to clean a dog’s years the expert way – in this demonstration by European grooming champion Jitka Krizova, Jitka demonstrates how to pluck and … source

HIF Pet Insurance

EXCITING NEWS! Our members told us they love their fur-kids as much as any other member of their family (more so, in some cases!), so we’ve decided to … source

DOGS – How to do a proper grooming to a Schnauzer dog. Professional advice

In this video of Everything about your pet we explain to you the stripping technique and how to style a Schnauzer puppy to leave him beautiful. Amaury … source

Petplan Pet Insurance Review: Dr. Kim Slensky

Your pet’s veterinarian is committed to giving your best friends the best possible care. Petplan helps you afford it. Listen to hear why Dr. Kim Slensky of HOPE … source

Easy Dog Grooming Tips from New You Network

Alex Boylan explains the ins and outs of Dog Grooming. From small dogs to large dogs, learn the basics right here. Please subscribe, we update with new … source

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