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What Type Of Insurance Does A Rover and DogVacay Pet Sitter Need?

Pet Business Insurance is a hot topic these days. But is the insurance that comes with membership to these popular websites enough? What do they cover? source

Basic Dog Grooming 101 by Bobs Pet Stop Basic Dog Grooming 101 by Bobs Pet Stop. Brushing and basic grooming care. No clipping or hand scissoring . Clipper … source

Pets Plus Us Insurance Coverage Options At Pets Plus Us we recognize that not every insurance plan is right for every owner or every pet. Here are some important factors to … source

Long Haired Dog Grooming Instructions : Undercoat Dog Grooming Tips

Learn about a dog’s undercoat and hair growth in this free dog grooming training and instructions video. Expert: Elise McMahon Bio: Elise McMahon has a Ph.D. source

Vets Read Bad Advice — Tortillas for Toxicity?!

We’ve gathered some of the best BAD pet advice we could find on the interwebs and convinced some REAL live Veterinary Professionals to read it outloud. source

How to Dremel Your Dog's Nails at Home! (Tips and Tricks We Learned With Five Dogs)

Have you wondered if you can trim your dog’s nails at home instead of going to an expensive groomer? All you need is a Dremel and you can do it yourself at … source

Buying a puppy or dog | Kennel Club expert advice

Buying a puppy is a very exciting. But if you’re going to find the right dog for you, it’s worth thinking about what buying a new dog entails. In this video, Kennel … source

Ear problems in a dog. Why grooming and ear maintenance is integral to pet health.

Dr Magnifico is a small animal veterinarian in Northern Maryland. This is her patient Maisie who is a curly coat 6 month old dog who is already having ear … source

Information on Animal Insurance : Pets & Health

Subscribe Now: Watch More: Pet insurance is very popular and … source

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