Dog Grooming Tips

Essentially, dog grooming is a good practice to save bucks. Well, you will require some great dog grooming tips that will enlighten you before you even approach your dog with a pair of scissors or clippers! Though dog grooming appears easy, there are some risk pitfalls you have to avoid causing unnecessary injuries to your dog while grooming it. Below are the important dog grooming tips that first-time dog owners or those who are experienced with a dog should know.

Tip: 1 Nail Clipping

Purchase a solid pair of clippers. Usually, flimsy ones will just split after a few applications. As you clip your dog’s nails, be keen on his nail’s coloring. You will realize that in some instance, the nail becomes pink. That is known as the “live” part of the toenail. It is always a good practice to avoid clipping past this part of the nail because your dog will bleed.

Tip: 2 Smooth Coats

While grooming a smooth coat dog, apply a bristle brush and a rubber brush. For the best results, try to brush against the grain of the dog. Utilize the rubber brush to eliminate large unwanted stuff from your dog’s hair. The apply the bristle to eliminate finer particles of dirt and hair. The make use of the chamois to clean the dog’s coat in order to give it a shiny sheen.

Tip: 3 Long Coats

Long coats need grooming two times a week otherwise, their hair will matt. In this case, you will need to use a bristle brush, steel wide tooth comb and slicker brush. To make sure that the coat does not get matted or tangled, use the slicker brush regularly. Then apply the pin brush, which enters his hair more deeply. Ensure that you disentangle your dog’s hair beneath his legs. Quite a number of dog owners ignore that part.

Lastly, utilize the wide-tooth comb to remove any remaining tangles. More so, you can apply a finer tooth comb to make him have a shiny finish.

Tip: 4 Warnings

If you frequently apply these dog grooming tips, you will be able to realize warning indications that your dog may be having health issues. For example, be keen on your dog’s stomach. Ensure that there is no lumps or flaky, red dry skin. As the saying goes; prevention is better than cure, it is worth learning how to manage minor dog health issues before they become complex.

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