If you are planning to add a bird to your family, you can easily become overwhelmed with decisions about what is best for your bird care. Here are 7 supplies that experienced bird owner’s recommend and have purchased for their birds.

Stainless Steel Cage – It won’t take much looking for you to discover that this type of cage is one of the most expensive out there. The saying that you get what you pay for does apply in this case. If properly maintained it will be the only cage you ever need to buy.

Stainless is easy to clean, and is not harmful to your bird should it lick or peck at it. Choosing a quality cage the first time saves you from having to buy a replacement when the first one wears out.

Double Dish Sets – Because keeping water and food dishes clean is so important to the health of your bird, washing them daily is essential. So while one set is in the dishwasher the other set can be in use so that your bird is always drinking and eating for clean bowls. To prevent dishes from absorbing or retaining food and/or germs, stainless is the best material for these as well.

Cuttlebone – This is a wonderful source of vitamins and minerals and will help your bird keep its beak in fine condition. Any place that sells bird supplies should have them in stock.

Variety of Toys – Toys should be bought with birds’ natural instincts in mind. There should be some that allow them to “forage” for food – hollow toys with food stuffed inside. Edible ones will be a big hit as well.

Toys with bells, mirrors, and swings will spark their curiosity and keep them engaged. This can help prevent the temptation for them to pluck their feathers and engage in other self-destructive behaviors due to boredom.

Select toys with lots of different colors. Visual stimulation is also important. Toys should be rotated in and out of the cage every week so that is seemingly always something new.

Play Area Outside The Cage – As important as the cage is to keep your bird safe when you can’t be there, an area outside the cage is even more important. This gives your bird choices and that’s a good thing and will help maintain emotional health. It can choose when and where it goes and what to explore.

Perches and toys outside the cage should be just as inviting as those inside. You can get as elaborate as you choose with trees and birdhouses. As you get to know your bird better you’ll become more confident with your choices.

Shower Perch – This is a great yet inexpensive way to allow your bird to bathe and spend time with you as well. A birdbath (or shower) is a great way to allow your bird to clean itself naturally and keep its skin healthy and your air cleaner.

The perch(s) should be placed away from the source of water. This will allow your friend to partake as much or as little as it wants. Check with your vet to get a final go-ahead on how often your pet should shower.

HEPA Air Purifier – Birds like any other warm-blooded pet will add to the number of airborne particulates in your home. And powder down birds such as African Greys, Cockatoos, Cockatiels, and some Amazons are especially dusty.

Using an air cleaner to continually filter these particulates from the air will likely extend the quantity and quality of your bird’s life, and help its humans avoid respiratory problems such as the onset or exacerbation of allergies and asthma.

These are only a few of the supplies you will need for your avian friend. But starting with quality items such as these will get you off to a great start as you learn more about your bird and become more confident about being a bird owner.

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